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Sometimes it can be useful to hear other peoples impressions first

before making our mind.

Thoughtful, thought-provoking, compassionate guidance

"I have been working with Zuzana for almost 1 year. She has helped me with addressing and overcoming issues I had with alcohol and substance abuse. What I appreciate most about Zuzana is her thoughtful and compassionate guidance. She helped me to choose a manageable recovery journey built around acceptance and self-appreciation. Our discussions are always interesting and thought-provoking - and she comes from a standpoint of experience and understanding. The journey to full recovery is long and difficult and full of trying moments. But with Zuzana by your side, you have a good shot at getting through it.


I remember one simple lesson from early in our sessions: 'Choose your hard,' she said. I took that to mean: It's hard to stop, but its even harder to keep doing it..."


Excellent therapy

"I have been seeing Zuzana weekly for over one year and I can say having sessions with her has changed my life in so many ways for the better. I clicked with her approach to therapy almost immediately. She is very adaptive and offers a mix of techniques that might suit your needs or current mood, and always does it in a way where you are comfortable and not pushed to have a certain result.

I especially appreciated that she has also lived abroad for many years and knows the difficulties expats can face and is able to relate to those struggles. I have anxiety and have a hard time managing stress and not only has she given me many tools to help, she also helped me understand myself more so that I can better understand why I have these feelings.

Our talks and her examples and feedback have changed how I view myself and the world for the better. Thanks to her advice and perspectives, some of the things I used to worry about or be bothered by are either gone or greatly decreased.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for mind/body/emotional support and I feel lucky to have found her."



"My first encounter with recovery approach and the idea of addiction (specifically cocaine) based on previous traumas is very enriching. And under Zuzka's guidance, also very functional. There is always space for growth.

I recommend this consultation."



"Zuzana has helped open my eyes to new perspectives and different ways of thinking. She is very friendly, open, and honest, making it very easy to communicate with her. Zuzana is a beautiful person, and she has truly helped me in many ways!"


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