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For me, therapy is about partnership, co-creation and above all, a safe space for change.

I work intuitively and every session is tailor-made for each client.


Some of the topics I deal with (and have gone through myself):​​

  • anxiety, depression, burn-out, loss of meaning

  • lack of self-love

  • feeling disconnected, psychospiritual crisis

  • trauma

  • addiction and its wider context


Some of the tools I like to use:

  • Inner child & parts work

  • BLAST  - trauma therapy based on bilateral stimulation

  • Shadow integration (Carl Jung concept)

  • Deep meditations and visualisations

  • Access Consciousness - magical tools that can change the perception of reality and open to new possibilities with ease

  • Somatic trauma integration approach - accessing our body's wisdom


How much does one session cost? ​

1500 CZK (60 min)


Where can we meet? ​


  • In the Avasa centre at: Krizikova 19, Prague 8

  • ONLINE via Zoom or Skype

  • In some cases I am willing to come to your home


Cancellation policy

Please note that cancellations free of charge are only possible until 10 am of the previous working day. Later cancellations and missed appointments are charged 50% of the full price, 750 CZK.

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