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About Me

I am a crazy human being with lust for life and personal growth. I've managed to overcome years of heroin addiction, depression, anxiety, panic attacks and a total loss of meaning. Through my experience I have found a new sense of joy and a deep gratitude for life in all its messy glory. I love coffee, cats, consciousness and my beautiful twin boys.


My Story

My journey to therapy and coaching was inspired by my very personal, long and painful experience. From an early age, I had the strange feeling that I did not belong to this reality and that I perceive everything much more intensely than others. At the same time, I was attracted to everything that transcended this reality. My hunger and curiosity eventually led me to drugs - from party drugs, psychedelics, up to the hardest ones. I went through several years of addiction and then rehab, which further confirmed to me that the classic approach to drugs and their treatment does not make any sense. No one explained to me why I was using, everything was treated symptomatically, on a wave of prohibitions and orders. I knew there had to be another way. At the age of 25 I left rehab, sober but full of fear. Reality seemed gray, mechanical, and empty.


I decided to leave Prague. I packed my backpack and headed South. I worked in Gibraltar for a few months, then the economic crisis came in 2008. I found myself almost without income, but didn´t want to give up. I knew my journey was not over. I learned how to survive on the streets - for example by dumpster diving or smuggling cigarettes across the border. In 2009 I found job at the southern tip of Spain, in magical Tarifa. I spent few happy years there, met my husband and gave birth to my kids, twin boys. I thought my addiction was resolved. But a few months after giving birth, I stopped sleeping and gradually, my panic attacks began to reappear and I became severely depressed. I came up with the idea that it would be better to take my own life, and that the children and my husband would be better without me. At that moment, a red light switched on in my mind. This could not have been me. I decided to do everything in my power to see if there was another way. I started an intensive and painful EMDR therapy, which literally saved my life.


After moving to France, the problems and insomnia returned for a while, but at the same time something else started happening. Moments of severe suffering began to crack the shell of my ego and triggered several intense spontaneous mystical experiences, including one near death experience (NDE). This was the beginning of my personal spiritual journey. At the same time, I decided I had enough of psychologists, I wanted to take back the control and help myself. Soon I discovered the EFT method, which I first practiced on myself, later on my friends and acquaintances. EFT helped me to understand and release many things from my past and most importantly, gave me a simple tool to play with on my own.


After 5 years abroad, I returned to the Czech Republic and decided to help others. An amazing journey of personal growth and discovery of new modalities has begun. In addition to EFT, I soon became certified in BLAST trauma therapy, based on EMDR - the method that had helped me at the start. Later I trained as a lecturer of prevention programs for primary school students, which made a huge sense to me, given my past. Then came the Recovery coaching course and an amazing internship in Manchester, England, which opened my eyes and showed me a whole new approach to addiction treatment. An individual and friendly approach, that is not only symptomatic and based on prohibitions, but fully respects the client and empowers him.

I continue my coaching practice - in my own, non-traditional form. I refuse to participate in the game of our society that life is just a series of problems and suffering. I don't like exaggerated seriousness and digging in pain. I enjoy changing perspectives, relieving weight, opening new possibilities and learning to allow joy and ease back into our lives.


We live on an incredibly beautiful planet that provides us with everything we need. I believe that every pain is just a prelude to greater opportunities and growth, if we choose it. If you've read this far, you quite possibly see it similarly. Thanks for your time and I will be honored to meet you in person sometime.

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