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Recovery coaching

Meetings full of support and inspiration focused on addiction and recovery.​
Come talk to someone who's had a very personal experience with addiction and moved past it.​

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Art by @yurishwedoff

  • ​Are you struggling with addiction and ready to take the next step?

  • Are you abstaining successfully, yet feeling overwhelmed by reality?

  • Are you unhappy with the current addiction services and crave a more personal approach?

  • Have you got no one to talk to openly and without judgement?

  • Have you experienced a relapse and you'd like to use the experience to get back on track?

  • Are you unsure about wanting to abstain fully, but fail to find services that support you?

  • Are you interested in holistic/spiritual dimension of addiction?

  • Are you interested in the causes of your addiction and yearn to understand yourself more?

  • Are you aware that no one can do the work for you? Are you willing to take the responsibility for your actions?

How much does one meeting cost? ​

1500 CZK (60 min)


Where can we meet? ​

  • In the Avasa centre at: Krizikova 19, Prague 8

  • ONLINE via Zoom or Skype

  • In some cases I am willing to come to your home


Cancellation policy

Please note that cancellations free of charge are only possible until 10 am of the previous working day. Later cancellations and missed appointments are charged 50% of the full price, 750 CZK.

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